W. Kenneth Jenkins

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Convolution backprojection (CBP) image reconstruction has been proposed as a means of producing high-resolution synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) images by processing data directly in the polar recording format which is the conventional recording format for spotlight mode SAR. The CBP algorithm filters each projection as it is recorded and then backprojects(More)
Dictionary learning algorithms have been successfully used for both reconstructive and discriminative tasks, where an input signal is represented with a sparse linear combination of dictionary atoms. While these methods are mostly developed for single-modality scenarios, recent studies have demonstrated the advantages of feature-level fusion based on the(More)
Ultrasound elasticity imaging is a promising method that may eventually allow early detection of many tissue pathologies. However, before elasticity imaging can be applied to its numerous potential clinical applications, the quantitative accuracy of tissue elasticity measurements must be established. Simple 1-D ultrasound elasticity measurements were(More)
This paper introduces the application of particle swarm optimization techniques to infinite impulse response (IIR) adaptive filter structures. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is similar to the genetic algorithm (GA) in that it performs a structured randomized search of an unknown parameter space by manipulating a population of parameter estimates to(More)
This paper investigates the application of a modified particle swarm optimization technique to nonparametric density estimation based independent component analysis (ICA). Nonparametric ICA has the advantage over traditional ICA techniques in that its performance is not dependent upon prior assumptions about the source distributions. Particle swarm(More)