W Keith Sootsman

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A methodology is presented for placing deep brain stimulator electrodes under direct MR image guidance. The technique utilized a small, skull-mounted trajectory guide that is optimized for accurate alignment under MR fluoroscopy. Iterative confirmation scans are used to monitor device alignment and brain penetration. The methodology was initially tested in(More)
OBJECTIVE We tested the application accuracy of an electromagnetic field-based image guidance system to compare it to traditional optically tracked systems. METHODS A plastic skull phantom was fitted with fiducial markers rigidly attached via self-drilling bone screws. Volumetric CT scan was obtained to simulate the clinical condition. A metal disc marked(More)
UNLABELLED OBJECT.: Brain shift during minimally invasive, bur hole-based procedures such as deep brain stimulation (DBS) electrode implantation and stereotactic brain biopsy is not well characterized or understood. We examine shift in various regions of the brain during a novel paradigm of DBS electrode implantation using interventional imaging throughout(More)
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