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Primary visual coding can be characterized by the receptive field (RF) properties of single neurons. Subject of this paper is our search for a global, second coding step beyond the RF-concept that links related features in a visual scene. In recent models of visual coding, oscillatory activities have been proposed to constitute such linking signals. We(More)
Interactions between stimulus-induced oscillations (35-80 Hz) and stimulus-locked nonoscillatory responses were investigated in the visual cortex areas 17 and 18 of anaesthetized cats. A single square-wave luminance grating was used as a visual stimulus during simultaneous recordings from up to seven electrodes. The stimulus movement consisted of a(More)
The development of relaxation techniques made possible a quantitative study of fast elementary reactions and a dissection of complex reaction mechanisms, which could be explained in terms of elementary steps. Application to biological reactions led to the conclusion that enzymes are optimal catalysts. [The SCI® indicates that this paper has been cited in(More)
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