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  • W Kruse
  • 1989
Anxiety has many faces--including suppressed anxiety and "non-anxiety". Our present age is increasingly being referred to as the "age of anxiety", our society as an "anxious society", probably because we constantly feel threatened not only by physical, but also by psycho-social anxiety. If we are unable actively to combat or escape from a threat, or to cope(More)
The german speaking countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) are not the most advanced in the world when it comes to the control of tobacco related diseases. The medical system in these countries has yet to be convinced that smoking cessation is not only necessary but feasible. In order to provide a basic document for further activities, a consensus(More)
  • W Kruse
  • 1992
The picture of the 'youthful elderly' will develop further in a positive way because elderly people will not only experience a further increase of their average life-expectancy but also of their physical and psychic health and efficiency. Strict adhesion to calendar data means for the elderly that he is easily excluded from social performance and(More)
In Western countries alcohol is a socially accepted drug and its use is on the increase. Accordingly, the number of alcoholics is also increasing. An important task of the general practitioner is first to recognize that a patient has a drinking problem, and then to help him/her to acknowledge and come to terms with the situation. Additionally he must(More)
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