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Erasure coding is a technique for achieving high availability and reliability in storage and communication systems. In this paper, we revisit the analysis of erasure code replication and point out some situations when whole-file replication is preferred. The switchover point (from preferring whole-file replication to erasure code replication) is studied,(More)
Being autonomous and scalable, Peer-to-Peer systems provide a paradigm for sharing files in the Internet. However, different from conventional structured replication systems like content distribution networks (CDN), peers in an unstructured P2P system may have different, sometimes low, online availability, and usually get only partial information about the(More)
The present study was undertaken to evaluate several computer-based classifiers as potential tools for pharmaceutical fingerprinting by utilizing normalized data obtained from HPLC trace organic impurity patterns. To assess the utility of this approach, samples of L-tryptophan (LT) drug substance were analyzed from commercial production lots of six(More)
An optimized configuration of multi-pinhole aperture can improve the spatial resolution and the sensitivity of pinhole SPECT simultaneously. In this study, an optimization strategy of the multi-pinhole configuration with a small detector is proposed for mouse cardiac imaging. A 14 mm-diameter spherical field-of-view (FOV) is used to accommodate the mouse(More)
A sharing community prospers when participation and contribution are both high. We suggest the two, while being related decisions every peer makes, should be given separate rational bases. Considered as such, a basic issue is the viability of club formation, which necessitates the modelling of two major sources of heterogeneity, namely, peers and shared(More)
File-sharing systems, like many online and traditional information sharing communities (e.g. newsgroups, BBS, forums, interest clubs), are dynamical systems in nature. As peers get in and out of the system, the information content made available by the prevailing membership varies continually in amount as well as composition, which in turn affects all(More)
We report our experimental work on a one-dimensional gradient of vibration with a short granular chain. The system exhibits transitions of ratcheting dynamics from passive monotonic creeping against the gradient, to rapid stochastic head swinging with a reversed bias in its direction, and to seemingly random fluctuations. The spontaneously emerged spatial(More)
BACKGROUND Visible light is a treatment option for segmental vitiligo (SV), and visible light-induced repigmentation is associated with normalization of sympathetic dysfunction. Currently, it is difficult to predict individual patients' response to visible light therapy. OBJECTIVES To test whether cutaneous blood flow can serve as a response predictor for(More)