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Ethanolamine and choline are major components of the trypanosome membrane phospholipids, in the form of GPEtn (phosphatidylethanolamine) [corrected] and GPCho (phosphatidylcholine) [corrected] . Ethanolamine is also found as an integral component of the GPI (glycosylphosphatidylinositol) anchor that is required for membrane attachment of cell-surface(More)
The isolation of intact, functional RNA from conifer spp. is not easy, especially from those tissues that are heavily lignified and characterized by a low number of living cells. An efficient procedure for isolating RNA from combined wood and bark tissues of conifers was developed based on a protocol optimized for the extraction of RNA from pollen and one(More)
To provide insight into the behavioral characteristics of people who listen excessively to loud music, the 32-item Northeastern Excessive Music Listening Survey was developed and administered to 90 subjects. Results indicate that 8 of the 90 subjects scored within a range that would suggest the presence of a maladaptive pattern of music-listening behavior(More)
The red cell of the bullfrog Bufo vtdgaris was used to measure the intrarenaJ distribution of blood flow in the kidney of the dog. These cells were fixed in 1% glutaraldehyde and labeled with sodium pertechnetate (Tc); they were 18 X 10/i in size and had a specific gravity of 1.076—a value close to that of the dog red blood cell. These cells had no(More)
This research examined age and sex variations in moral judgment processes across the life-span, primarily using objective questionnaire techniques. Both stage level of judgment and patterns of requests for further information following dilemma presentation were studied in 242 respondents, ages fourteen to ninety-two, in order to measure individual(More)