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This study analyses how cross-functional teams' impact on value-relevance is expected to build and maintain good quality intelligent information systems, and also on operational performance after the implementation of intelligent information systems in firms. The phenomenon of cross-functional teams and the structural relationships were evaluated by using(More)
This study examines cross-functional teams and their impact in line with operational performance and system effectiveness after the implementation of intelligent information and retrieval systems in organisations. Multiple regression analysis was used to determine the structural relationships and look for the phenomenon of cross-functional teams,(More)
The purpose of this paper is trying to gain a better understanding of the role of strategies in the quantitative evaluation process of large-scale information systems and in the alignment between system effectiveness and operational effectiveness. Also, we explores the contribution of strategies to the improvement of operational performance after the(More)
Metacomputing aims at using the computing power of computers linked by networks for various applications, which used to be tackled by dedicated supercomputers a few years ago. Web-based metacomputing offers a cheap and efficient solution for parallel and distributed computing by exploiting idle cycles from the Internet. Research literatures have been(More)
Executive Summary Objectives The primary objective of this program is to establish the role of upstream fluctuations of fuel/air ratio on the stability and dynamical behavior of unsteady motions in a premixing gas turbine combustor; and to develop and make available to the technical community analytical methods for predicting the effects of this behavior in(More)
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