W. Joubert

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In this paper we describe the Denovo code system. Denovo solves the six-dimensional, steady-state, linear Boltzmann transport equation, of central importance to nuclear technology applications such as reactor core analysis (neutronics), radiation shielding, nuclear forensics and radiation detection. The code features multiple spatial differencing schemes,(More)
Injury to a peripheral nerve is, among other things, followed by degeneration of axons and myelin, as well as by a sharp increase in the number of cells (especially Schwann cells) in the part distal to the injury. The effect of allantoin--a cell proliferant--was tested on the above-mentioned reactions in the sciatic nerve of rats. The nerves were crushed(More)
The 2-hydroxy and 4-hydroxyestradiols (2-/4-OHE2) caused marked cytotoxic effects, including vacuolation and nuclear changes, in rat epididymal epithelia, after exposure to very low levels (40 ng/rat/week) for 20 weeks. The effects of the 2-/4-OHE2 metabolites were more pronounced than that of estradiol-17 beta (E2).
Chlorpromazine (CPZ) at dosages of 10 mg/kg body weight (b.wt.) affected the cytochemical localization of cAMP-dependent phosphodiesterase (cAMP PDE) activity in the synapses of the rat frontal cortex. Postsynaptic cAMP PDE activity was inhibited, and presynaptic activity increased. CPZ also inhibited membrane-bound ATPase activity in the frontal cortex.(More)
A surgical technique for the reconstruction of severed peripheral nerves is described. This technique reduces the mechanical manipulation and trauma to the nerve during suturing. Histological studies revealed that scar formation at the suture site was reduced to a minimum. The suture material did not prevent the downgrowth of regenerating axons. Nerves in(More)
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