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Clinical features, radiographic and esophageal manometry findings, and treatment results in 16 patients less than 15 years old with achalasia are described. Esophageal manometry performed in 15 patients showed results similar to those found in adults: (1) increased resting lower esophageal sphincter pressure, (2) incomplete or failure of relaxation of the(More)
BACKGROUND Women have a lower chance of surviving elective open abdominal aortic repair. The reasons for this are not clear. Endovascular repair has clearly reduced early and midterm morbidity and mortality for patients with large abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs). However, most patients are male. It is unclear whether there has been any reduction in(More)
The time-activity curve of gastric emptying of milk was evaluated in 49 infants and children who were also being evaluated for gastrointestinal reflux. After oral ingestion of technetium-99m sulfur colloid in a milk formula, the normal 1 hr time-activity curve and normal values for percentage of gastric emptying in 1 hr were determined. Normal gastric(More)
Four infants with suspected soy protein intolerance were studied prospectively. All had vomiting, diarrhea, hematochezia, and weight loss of more than 10%. Laboratory abnormalities included anemia (3), acidosis (3), hypoalbuminemia (3), hypernatremia (1), hyponatremia (3), and mild eosinophilia (2). Symptoms developed between three hours and five days after(More)
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Children, particularly infants, frequently put objects into their mouths, and occasionally these objects are swallowed. Fortunately, most foreign bodies are harmless and will pass spontaneously through the gastrointestinal tract. Some foreign bodies such as the rare bezoar or caustic substances, provide unique clinical challenges. This article provides(More)
The presence of gastrointestinal (GI) tract hemangiomatosis was demonstrated by computed tomography in two children who presented with lower GI tract bleeding. Marked vascular enhancement of the bowel during rapid intravenous administration of contrast material and dynamic scanning is characteristic, similar to that seen with hemangiomas elsewhere in the(More)
Thirty-two infants and their mothers were studied to determine the source of elevated serum gastrin concentrations in umbilical blood and to learn whether neonates hypersecreted acid in response to hypergastrinemia. Gastrin concentrations in the umbilical artery and vein were similar. Both were significantly higher than maternal gastrin concentrations. No(More)