W. Jing Chen

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Understanding others mind and interpersonal interaction are the cognitive basis of successful social interactions. People's mental states and behaviors rely on their holding beliefs for self and others. To investigate the neural substrates of false belief reasoning, the 32 channels event-related potentials (ERP) of 14 normal adults were measured while they(More)
It is a widely held belief that racial groups have underlying essences. We hypothesized that bicultural individuals who hold this essentialist belief about race are oriented to perceive rigid interracial boundaries and experience difficulty passing between their ethnic culture and the host culture. As predicted, we found that the more strongly Chinese(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the expression of CPG15 mRNA and protein the visual cortex of normal and monocular form deprived development rats, To explore the association CPG15 with visual development. METHODS It was an experimental research. one hundred healthy Wistar rats were divided into 10 groups: the time-point for normal group is postnatal 7, 14, 21, 28,(More)
Based on the operational regional ensemble prediction system (REPS) in China Meteorological Administration (CMA), this paper carried out comparison of two initial condition perturbation methods: an ensemble transform Kalman filter (ETKF) and a dynamical downscaling of global ensemble perturbations. One month consecutive tests are implemented to evaluate the(More)
The rnp-4f gene in Drosophila melanogaster encodes nuclear protein RNP-4F. This encoded protein is represented by homologs in other eukaryotic species, where it has been shown to function as an intron splicing assembly factor. Here, RNP-4F is believed to initially bind to a recognition sequence on U6-snRNA, serving as a chaperone to facilitate its(More)
By employing the mass relations derived from the mass matrix and Regge trajectory, we investigate the masses of charmed and charmed-strange members of the 2³S₁ meson. The masses are compared with the values predicted by other theoretical approaches and experimental data. The results may be useful for the discovery of the unobserved meson and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the expression of Neuritin protein in the visual cortex of normal (N90), monocular deprived (MD) and reverse suture (RS) adult Wistar rats, explore whether the visual cortex of adult rats remains the plasticity. METHODS It was an experimental research. The 35 healthy rats were divided into 7 groups, 5 in every group. The(More)
The reliability of visual filling-in at the blind spot and how it is influenced by the distribution of spatial attention in and around the blind spot were studied. Our data suggest that visual filling-in at the blind spot is 1) less reliable than it has been assumed, and 2) easier under diffused attention around the blind spot than under focal attention(More)
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