W Jay Dowling

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Eighty-one listeners defined by three age ranges (18-30, 31-59, and over 60 years) and three levels of musical experience performed an immediate recognition task requiring the detection of alterations in melodies. On each trial, a brief melody was presented, followed 5 sec later by a test stimulus that either was identical to the target or had two pitches(More)
Memory for details of text generally declines relatively rapidly, whereas memory for propositional and context-based meanings is generally more resilient over time. In the present study, we investigated short-term memory for two kinds of verbal material: prose and poetry. Participants heard or read prose stories or poems in which aphrase near the start of(More)
The present research adapts to musical style perception a simulation approach previously used with visual stimuli (i.e., faces), which can handle a variety of tasks such as identification, recognition and categorization. A linear auto-associator was trained with musical excerpts of three composers (Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven). Based on its learned(More)
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