W. Jan A. Volney

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Recovery of biodiversity and other ecosystem functions to pre-disturbance levels is a central goal of natural disturbance-based approaches to ecosystem management. In boreal mixedwood forests, green-tree retention has been proposed as an alternative approach to traditional clearcutting that may minimize initial displacement of species assemblages and speed(More)
D endrochronology's rich tradition has foundations rooted in the works of da Vinci and MalpighF. Although the main stem of principles was developed by A.E. Douglass (see Ref. 1), one branch of dendrochronology actually pre-dates his work. The association between narrow tree rings and damage by insects, hail and frost was recognized by Hartig in Europe at(More)
Pheromone-baited traps located close to both host and nonhost crowns were more attractive than traps located between crowns for bothC. occidentalis Freeman andC. retiniana (Walsingham) at both 10 m and at 1.5 m above the ground. At 10 m height, traps located in host foliage were more attractive than those located in nonhost foliage, but at 1.5m height there(More)
Spatial associations between species of trees and ground-beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) involve many indirect ecological processes, likely reflecting the function of numerous forest ecosystem components. Describing and quantifying these associations at the landscape scale is basic to the development of a surrogate-based framework for biodiversity(More)
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