W. James Greenland

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A detailed electron microprobe study has been carried out on biotite in pelitic to mafic metamorphic rocks from two localities in West Greenland. Comparison of analyses from similar rock types indicates higher Ti, K/(K+Na), and possibly (K+Na), similar AlIv, and lower AlvI in granulite us. amphibolite grade samples. Normalization of the analyses on the(More)
Previous studies have shown that the 2.04 Ga Kangâmiut dyke swarm of SW Greenland was injected into an active tectonic environment associated with the formation of the Nagssugtoqidian orogenic belt. Major and trace element modelling of the swarm shows that its chemical evolution was controlled by simple clinopyroxene–plagioclase fractionation. However, such(More)
The oldest rocks recognized in the Greenland Archean are metamorphosed basic, ultrabasic, and sedimentary rocks enclosed in the ca. 3700 m.y. old Amitsoq gneisses of the Godthdb region, West Greenland. Specimens from enclaves from the area south and southeast of the town of Godthib have been analyzed for major elements and for a range of minor and trace(More)
Stress from chronic illness can be ameliorated by participation in support groups (SGs). Attending "gold standard" in-person, moderated SGs can be challenging. Taking care to address confidentiality concerns, we developed a web-based method for remote participants to "attend" in-person SGs. Authorized participants gain a realtime, audiovisual connection to(More)
OBJECTIVE Most patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) adjust well to living with the device; however, some experience difficulties. Support groups assist in coping with the psychologic effects of living with an ICD. The study's aim was to examine acceptability of the in-person attendees of an ICD support group that was cast on the(More)
Emotional stress resulting from chronic illness can be ameliorated by participation in a support group. Among mechanisms for implementing a support group, the in-person, moderated support group meeting remains the "gold standard" but can be medically and/or logistically challenging for many potential participants to attend. Taking care to address(More)
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