W J Zendel

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The purpose of this first patient study (phase II) was to evaluate the clinical usefulness of a new echo contrast agent at transcranial Doppler ultrasonography (US). Twenty patients were selected from a group of 242 patients undergoing conventional transcranial Doppler US who had low (n = 18) or absent (n = 2) Doppler signals from the middle cerebral artery(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate whether intravenous injection of an ultrasound contrast agent aids in the visualization of focal liver lesions on power Doppler images. METHODS Fifty patients with focal liver lesions were studied by B-mode and power Doppler sonography before and after intravenous injection of the contrast agent Levovist(More)
The aim of this study was to establish whether an increase of maximum Doppler shift occurs in the human common carotid artery after the administration of Levovist, an ultrasonographic echo enhancer. Twenty common carotid arteries of 10 patients were examined. Spectral Doppler waveform examinations were performed before and after administration of Levovist(More)
Cooperation between physicians in hospitals in rural areas can be assisted by desktop-conferencing using a satellite link. For six weeks, medical desktop-conferencing was tested during daily clinical conferences between the Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin, and the Medical Academy, Wroclaw. The communications link was provided by the German Telekom satellite system(More)
In this study, 50 patients were examined by a Siemens' "Somatom Plus"; continuous 2 mm sections between the third lumbar and first sacral vertebra were obtained. The accuracy of the 3-D reconstruction software programme was checked by measuring a polyethylene phantom of a second lumbar vertebra. Reconstruction was carried out with a threshold definition of(More)
The present study deals with the value of CDS in liver transplantation. Between September 1988 and October 1991 CDS of hepatic vessels was carried out in 194 liver transplants. Flow direction and flow velocity in the portal vein could be demonstrated in 97%. Measurement of flow velocity indicates the extent of portal hypertension; this can be confirmed by(More)
The presently valid quality criteria of digital subtraction angiography in the body trunk area are described. The indications for intravenous and intraarterial examinations are explained; these are closely connected with the respective demands. The problem levels are analysed and update technical and methodical solutions are offered.
A defined region of the right lobe of the liver was measured by grey scale analysis based on similar presets according to a manual input of a Region of Interest (ROI). During 20 days, the livers of healthy subjects were tested by this method in order to test the reproducibility of the results. By prospective studies, the livers of 30 patients were examined(More)
PURPOSE Morphology of focal liver lesions was studied by power Doppler. Plain images and images after i.v. application of galactose-based microbubbles (Levovist, Schering AG) were compared. METHODS 21 patients with focal liver lesions were studied by power Doppler before and after application of the signal enhancer. RESULTS In lesions that showed short(More)
As part of a radiological communication project (RADKOM), two PACS systems of the radiological clinic in the Rudolf Virchow University Clinic in Charlottenburg and Wedding were connected via the BERKOM network of the German post office. Within the radiology departments, all CT and MRT systems were joined through a local network. The first results have shown(More)