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In this paper, we propose a model predictive control (MPC) law for a discrete time uncertain singular system with state delay and input constraints. The model uncertainty is assumed to be polytopic, and the delay is assumed to be unknown, but with a known upper bound. Using zero equation with the free variable matrix, we derive a sufficient condition for(More)
We have fabricated an infrared optical fiber based sensor which can monitor the respiration of a patient. The design of a chalcogenide optical fiber based sensor is suitable for insertion into a high electro-magnetic field environment because the sensor consists of low cost and compact mid-infrared components such as a chalcogenide optical fiber, a filament(More)
In this paper, a constrained robust model predictive control (MPC) is addressed for continuous-time systems with polytopic uncertainty. A modified fuzzy disturbance observer (MFDO) is applied to estimate the uncertainty at each vertex given by a linear model. The quantity of uncertainty estimated by the MFDO is utilized as a pseudo membership grade for each(More)
Summary form only given. In this study, the optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) based fiber-optic humidity sensor (FOHS) was fabricated to measure humidity in inaccessible hazardous environments. The sensing probe of FOHS consists of a single mode optical fiber and a moisture-sensitive material (mixture of HEC and PVDF) which varies its refractive(More)
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