W J Wilbur

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We consider the classic Stein (1965) model for stochastic neuronal firing under random synaptic input. Our treatment includes the additional effect of synaptic reversal potentials. We develop and employ two numerical methods (in addition to Monte Carlo simulations) to study the relation of the various parameters of the model to the shape of the theoretical(More)
We present a part-of-speech tagger that achieves over 97% accuracy on MEDLINE citations. Availability: Software, documentation, and a corpus of 5 700 manually tagged sentences are available at MEDLINE is a bibliographic database of publications in health sciences, biology, and related fields. It currently contains over 12 million records, and nearly 7(More)
A mathematical model of cochlear processing is developed to account for the nonlinear dependence of frequency selectivity on intensity in inner hair cell and auditory nerve fiber responses. The model describes the transformation from acoustic stimulus to intracellular hair cell potentials in the cochlea. It incorporates a linear formulation of basilar(More)
We have studied the statistical constraints on synonymous codon choice to evaluate various proposals regarding the origin of the bias in synonymous codon usage observed by Fiers et al. (1975), Air et al. (1976), Grantham et al. (1980) and others. We have determined the statistical dependence of the degenerate third base on either of its nearest neighbors in(More)
The PubMed search engine displays query results in reverse chronological order, which is appropriate for users interested in the latest publications. The purpose of this paper is to use machine learning to order documents by popularity , or the predicted frequency that an article is viewed by the average PubMed user. Other research on general search engine(More)
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