W. J. Welshons

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The Notch locus of Drosophila melanogaster profoundly affects differentiation of the central nervous system in the early embryo. Previous molecular studies suggested that the locus spans 40 kb of DNA and encodes a 10.5-kb poly(A)+ RNA. The results of genetic, cytogenetic, and molecular studies of newly induced and preexisting Notch alleles are reported.(More)
The recessive visible faswb allele in Drosophila is an interband deletion between salivary band 3C5, 6 and 7. Heterozygosity for the deletion does not suppress recombination between faswb and mutant sites at Notch adjacent to it.--Df(1)w67k30, deficient for salivary bands 3C2 to 6, is the left of faswb. By crossing over within the homologous bit of(More)
In the absence of assumptions pertaining to the organization and function of chromomeric DNA, the cytogenetic analysis of intragenic deletions that start at Notch and spread to the right or left of the locus suggests that the recombinational gene is bilaterally associated with salivary band 3C7. Either there are two genes resolved as a single cistron, or(More)