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A group of 1135 edentulous patients was investigated radiographically and clinically to determine the relation between elongated styloid processes and four symptoms frequently encountered in patients suffering from Eagle's syndrome. The radiologic finding of elongated styloid processes and/or ossification of the stylomandibular or stylohyoid ligaments(More)
A group of 20 subjects with symptoms of unilateral TMJ and/or associated muscular problems was clinically assessed and the condition of the symptomatic and asymptomatic joints was investigated by using an arthrographic technique. The assumption that asymptomatic TMJs have a normal condyle/disk relationship is now in question.
The tensile properties of the human periodontal ligament were studied by direct loading and compression experiments. It was found that the ligament behaved in an elastic manner up to an elastic limit after which rupture occurred. The values obtained for the tensile strength of the ligament are in general agreement with those of other workers for similar(More)
Using a cast measuring technique, the change in contour of the residual maxillary alveolar ridge of patients who have worn dentures for a number of years and are then fitted with new dentures, has been investigated. The study confirmed that even after 30 years of denture wearing, further bone resorption may occur beneath new dentures.