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Following simple homogenization, significant amounts of mitochondrial-derived, cholesterol side chain cleaving enzyme (desmolase) activity are recovered in rat adrenal 105 000 X g-supernatant fraction. Corticotropin administration enhances soluble desmolase activity, and cycloheximide potentiates this effect. The lipid droplet fraction which has no(More)
The importance of calcium in the ACTH-induced increase in adrenal mitochondrial pregnenolone synthesis was evaluated. In mitochondria prepared in the absence of EDTA and albumin, calcium enhanced the binding of cholesterol to cytochrome P-450 and subsequent pregnenolone synthesis. Although these effects of calcium were slightly greater in control than in(More)
To define the role of calcium during corticotropin-induced steroidogenesis, adrenal sections were incubated under conditions of varying degrees of calcium depletion. Corticosterone production, [14C]leucine incorporation into protein, and tissue cyclic AMP levels were measured concomitantly. Omitting calcium from the incubation media inhibited all three(More)
Rat adrenal 105,000 g supernatant contains two lipid moieties, 'lipid-I' and 'lipid-II' which contain non-esterified cholesterol and stimulate cholesterol side-chain cleavage in soluble or mitochondrial enzyme systems. Lipid-I contains relatively large low-density heat-stable particles, whereas lipid-II particles are smaller, more dense and heat-labile.(More)
Since ACTH (corticotropin) increases intra-adrenal and intramitochondrial free cholesterol levels, the relative importance of these effects during ACTH-induced steroidogenesis was examined. Rats were treated in vivo with ACTH plus aminoglutethimide to increase free cholesterol (2--3-fold), and the latter was tested as a steroidogenic factor after removal of(More)
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