W. J. Meaney

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The objective of this study was to document temporal trends in bulk tank somatic cell count (SCC) and total bacterial counts (TBC) in Irish dairy herds during the years 1994 to 2004. Three milk processors participated in the study, providing data on 2,754,270 individual bulk tank SCC and 2,056,992 individual bulk tank TBC records from 9,113 herds. Somatic(More)
The relationship between bulk tank somatic cell count (SCC) and farm management and infrastructure was examined using data from 398 randomly selected, yet representative, Irish dairy farms where the basal diet is grazed grass. Median bulk tank SCC for the farms was 282,887 cells/ml ranging from 82,209 to 773,028 cells/ml. Two questionnaires were(More)
This study investigated the effect of milk somatic cell count (SCC) and polymorphonuclear leucocyte (PMN, or neutrophil) content on the processability of milks from individual udder quarters. Two milk samples of high and low SCC (6x10 and 920x10/ml, respectively) and two of high and low PMN content (<1x10 and 700x10/ml, respectively) were selected. The milk(More)
The excretion rates of sodium penicillin and sodium cloxacillin from treated and untreated quarters of normal and mastitic cows were studied. Penicillin was detected in normal and infected quarters for 72 hours after treatment. Cloxacillin was detected in normal and infected quarters for 64 and 48 hours, respectively, after treatment. Differences in the(More)
Research has shown that total bacterial count (TBC), which is the bacterial growth per ml of milk over a fixed period of time, can be decreased by good hygiene and farm management practices. The objective of the current study was to quantify the associations between herd management factors and bulk tank TBC in Irish spring calving, grass-based dairy herds.(More)
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