W J McManamey

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Aspergillus fumigatus was cultured in disc-turbine-agitated vessels and in an air-lift fermentor. In the agitated vessels the yield of cellulase was reduced when the agitation rate was increased, although extracellular protein levels rose. The enzyme complex itself was shown to be exceptionally stable under conditions similar to those in the agitated(More)
Contamination of the porous-plate gas distributor was observed in an air-lift fermentor used for Aspergillus fumigatus fermentations. Comparisons between gas holdups measured with uncontaminated distributors and the contaminated one showed that the contamination had no effect on gas holdups in water but reduced the holdups in sodium chloride and sodium(More)
Volumetric mass-transfer coefficients were measured in an 11-L external-loop airlift fermenter with deionized water, a fermentation medium, and during a fermentation. Both a Mackareth oxygen electrode and a novel rapid-response probe were used. When the conventional step-change dynamic method was used for water, the long, nonlinear response time of the(More)
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