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The deployment of new wireless and networked technology and advanced clinical applications has significantly increased the quality and the quantity of patient diagnostic and monitoring information throughout the patient care environment. Coupled with increasing workloads and reduced staffing, the difficulties in effectively prioritizing and handling this(More)
Rapidly changing technology coupled with the financial impact of organized health care, has required hospital Biomedical Engineering organizations to augment their traditional operational and business models to increase their role in developing enhanced clinical applications utilizing new and evolving technologies. The deployment of these technology based(More)
Over the last decade the changing healthcare environment has required hospitals and specifically Biomedical Engineering to critically evaluate, optimize and adapt their operations. The focus is now on new technologies, changes to the environment of care, support requirements and financial constraints. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), an(More)
Fractal antenna and their different geometry are been studied widely. This paper provides brief overview of recent development of fractal antennas. Fractal antenna are widely used in wireless applications because of it features and capabilities. Due to its space filling property the miniaturization of antenna structure is possible; while Similarity property(More)
A new compact slot antenna is presented for UWB applications. The slot in the ground plane is asymmetric which helps in wide band impedance matching. The radiating element is a star shape geometry which is fed by a double stepped co-planar waveguide structure. Two antennas are designed with this geometry. Out of these two antennas one is proposed. The(More)
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