W J Johnson

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M. Bass, M. Bishai, ∗ E. Blaufuss, ∗ R. Carr, M. Diwan, S. Dye, B. Fleming, H. Gallagher, ∗ G. Garvey, R. Guenette, D. Jaffe, E. Kearns, ∗ S. Kettell, J. Link, W. Louis, S. Mishra, D. Mohapatra, V. Paolone, R. Petti, ∗ J. Raaf, G. Rameika, D. Reitzner, K. Scholberg, ∗ M. Shaevitz, M. Smy, ∗ R. Svoboda, R. Tayloe, N. Tolich, ∗ M. Vagins, ∗ B. Viren, L.(More)
California has issued fish consumption advisories because of mercury in lakes, reservoirs, creeks, rivers, and bays. Mercury in these waterways leads to the formation of methylmercury, which is toxic and bioaccumulative. Dental practices and other health care settings contribute a portion of this mercury. Government agencies are implementing programs to(More)
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