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A strained-modified, single-band, constant-potential three-dimensional model was applied to study the dependence of electronic states of InAs/GaAs quantum dots (QDs) of different shapes and sizes. The energy trends decrease monotonously with increasing QD size (i.e. E~size<sup>-gamma</sup>) but exhibit an optimum value under aspect ratio variation. The(More)
Free-exciton with exciton phonon interaction of wurtzite ZnO/Mg <sub>x</sub>Zn<sub>1-x</sub>O quantum wells (QWs) is studied theoretically. The valence band structure of ZnO/Mg<sub>x</sub>Zn<sub>1-x</sub>O QWs with the consideration of biaxial strain is calculated based on a 6times6 Hamiltonian. From the available experimental data, the band offset ratio(More)
The influence of quantum dot (QD) density, uniformity and layer number on the 3dB bandwidth of 1.3&#x03BC;m InAs-InGaAs QD VCSELs is investigated by the small signal analysis of all-pathway rate equations. The dependence of bandwidth on the QD density is shown. Linearly dependence of bandwidth on the QD uniformity is demonstrated. High speed operation(More)
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