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Familial myxomas of the heart are very rare, with only two previous reports noted in the literature. This report documents four siblings with myxomas, and three of these patients had two or more myxomas. One sibling had four myxomas excised. The clinical findings, history, examination, and surgical treatment are described.
1. Direct surgical denervation of the carotid sinus would appear to offer the best long-term results for carotid sinus syncope. 2. Carotid sinus denervation should be done under temporary cardiac pacing for safety and for completeness of denervation. 3. Arteriography is indicated to eliminate those cases of cerebral vascular insufficiency that might mimic(More)
This report describes one of the earliest cases of successful internal mammary artery grafting. A left internal mammary-right coronary artery titanium stent anastomosis was performed on Jan. 5, 1968, at Allegheny General Hospital. Repeated cardiac catheterization 2 weeks, 6 months, and 6 years after the operation showed a patent anastomosis. The patient(More)
A small light-weight nuclear-powered pacer has been developed. The pulse generator weight 61 Gm. and occupies a volume of 33 sq. cm. It is a standard R-wave inhibited (VVI) demand pulse generator. The unit has met all United States and foreign atomic energy commission safety specifications including mechanical shock, industrial fire, accidental crush,(More)
A review of 375 cases of aortic valve replacement with the Magovern-Cromie sutureless prosthesis demonstrated a 43 per cent survival rate 10 to 13 years following the operation. Of the 308 patients surviving zero to 30 days, 238 patients are alive after one to 14 years. A total of 70 patients (22 per cent died during the 14 year follow-up period. The(More)