W. J. Barr

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In recent years the British government has sought to target service provision both on people with severe enduring mental illness and on those considered to be at risk of suicide. The study reported here suggests these policies may have had unforeseen repercussions on services for people who self-harm but have no identifiable mental illness. This paper(More)
BACKGROUND This review systematically examines the research literature published in the period 2002-8 on structured violence risk assessment instruments designed for use in mental health services or the criminal justice system. It adopted much broader inclusion criteria than previous reviews in the same area in order to capture and summarise data on the(More)
It has been recommended that all patients attending hospital accident and emergency departments in the United Kingdom (UK) with self-harm should be offered adequate psychosocial assessment to identify those at risk of completed suicide or repeated self-harm. This paper focuses on the extent to which this recommendation has been implemented in a large(More)
For the use of subjective quality of life as an evaluation criterion, it should be known if measures are reliable, to what extent they are influenced by other variables and whether differences and similarities can be detected across treatment situations. Quality of life profiles (Berliner Lebensqualitatsprofil/Lancashire Quality of Life Profile) of 440(More)
  • W Barr
  • 2000
The idea that the stars and planets may influence human health and behavior can be traced to at least Roman times, and research suggests a high proportion of health professionals continue to hold this belief. Nevertheless, evidence for the supposed influence of the moon on human behavior has proved particularly elusive, and research has tended to suffer(More)
OBJECTIVES Repetitive aggression by a patient receiving mental health inpatient care is likely to elicit various patterns of response from care staff over time. This study sought to examine patterns of coercive physical intervention in relation to repeated episodes of aggression by particular patients. METHODS A data set of 9,945 aggression and self-harm(More)
In the past decade UK government policy has been to develop alternative care for women detained in secure psychiatric hospital. This study evaluated the relative benefits of community-based step-down housing. Comparisons were made between female patients in community step-down housing and a control group in secure hospital who were on the waiting list for(More)
Reducing social exclusion and improving mental health are key themes within the government's modernization programme. Despite this, little is known about the social exclusion experienced by people with severe and enduring mental illness living in specific communities, apart from their over-representation amongst various socially excluded groups. This paper(More)