W. J. Austin

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This study compared the correlation and prognostic utility of B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) and the N-terminal fragment of proBNP (NT-proBNP) in 171 outpatients with renal dysfunction. The NT-proBNP correlated well with BNP in all cases (r = 0.911; P pound .01), regardless of degree of renal impairment or type of left ventricular dysfunction. BNP and(More)
When health practitioners' moral choices and actions are thwarted by constraints, they may respond with feelings of moral distress. In a Canadian hermeneutic phenomenological study, physicians, nurses, psychologists and non-professional aides were asked to identify care situations that they found morally distressing, and to elaborate on how moral concerns(More)
  • Wendy Austin
  • HEC forum : an interdisciplinary journal on…
  • 2012
Once a term used primarily by moral philosophers, "moral distress" is increasingly used by health professionals to name experiences of frustration and failure in fulfilling moral obligations inherent to their fiduciary relationship with the public. Although such challenges have always been present, as has discord regarding the right thing to do in(More)
Empirical phenomenology and hermeneutic phenomenology, the 2 most common approaches to phenomenological research in psychology, are described, and their similarities and differences examined. A specific method associated with each form of phenomenological inquiry was used to analyze an interview transcript of a woman's experience of work-family role(More)
The authors examined the reactions of Spanish-speaking patients and of therapists to initial therapy interviews conducted with or without an interpreter. Twenty-one patients who used an interpreter, 40 bilingual patients, and the 16 psychiatric residents who conducted the interviews completed questionnaires aimed at evaluating therapy and communication(More)
A summary of the existing literature related to moral distress (MD) and the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) reveals a high-tech, high-pressure environment in which effective teamwork can be compromised by MD arising from different situations related to: consent for treatment, futile care, end-of-life decision making, formal decision-making structures,(More)
Developing parallel algorithms for intermediate and high levels of computer vision systems is addressed. Because the algorithms are complex and the nature and size of the input and output data sets vary for each application, the authors have directly developed parallel algorithms for dynamic control of both processing and communication complexity during(More)
  • W Austin
  • Journal of psychosocial nursing and mental health…
  • 2001
1. The pressure of the competing demands of custody and caring shapes the moral climate of forensic settings. 2. A relational approach to health care ethics, requiring the opening of dialogue, consideration of multiple perspectives, and attention to context, can guide nurses as they strive to engage and respect even their most estranged patients. 3. The(More)
Incontinentia pigmenti (IP) is an X-linked dominant disease, usually lethal to males. To explain occasional sporadic IP males, the half chromatid mutation model (Gartler & Francke 1975) has been invoked (Lenz 1975). We here report four cases of American Indians with IP. Two girls had sporadic IP. One affected boy's mother had IP. This is the first report of(More)