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The 4S RNA genes in HeLa mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) have been mapped by electron microscopy using the electron-opaque label ferritin. This method is based on the high affinity interaction between the protein, avidin,and biotin. 4S RNA, covalently coupled to biotin, was hybridized to single-stranded mtDNA. The hybrids were then labeled with ferritin-avidin(More)
The metabolic stability of pulse-labeled or long-term labeled messenger RNA (mRNA) from cytoplasmic free polysomes was measured in HeLa cells, with chase conditions that do not involve inhibitors of RNA synthesis, and chromatography on benzoylated-DEAE-cellulose or poly(T)-cellulose for isolation of mRNA. For these studies, a new chase technique was(More)
Polyadenylated messenger RNA extracted from HeLa cells was hybridized with a mass excess of HeLa DNA. The kinetics of the hybridization reaction demonstrated that most of the messenger RNA is transcribed from nonrepetitive DNA. The amount of messenger RNA hybridized to DNA was measured both with and without prior RNase treatment. Comparison of the results(More)
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