W I Garinther

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DNA topoisomerases I and II are the two major nuclear enzymes capable of relieving torsional strain in DNA. Of these enzymes, topoisomerase I plays the dominant role in relieving torsional strain during chromatin assembly in cell extracts from oocytes, eggs, and early embryos. We tested if the topoisomerases are used differentially during chromatin assembly(More)
A simple in vitro system that supports chromatin assembly was developed for Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The assembly reaction is ATP-dependent, uses soluble histones and assembly factors, and generates physiologically spaced nucleosomes. We analyze the pathway of histone recruitment into nucleosomes, using this system in combination with genetic methods for(More)
The ISOBM TD-6 Workshop is the first international workshop on monoclonal antibodies against the Sialyl Lewisa (SLea) antigen. Eight research groups participated in a blind study to characterize the epitope binding, relative affinity and performance in immunoradiometric assays, of a panel of 20 monoclonal antibodies. The antibodies were tested against a(More)
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