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This study examined drug use and eating behaviors among adolescents. The data were collected by phone interviews from 401 northern Nevadan students in grades seven to twelve. Students were divided for comparison into three groups according to their involvement with drugs: Abstainers, conventional users, and high-risk users. Analyses indicated that high-risk(More)
OBJECTIVE In the present study, physical and sexual abuse among incarcerated youth were examined with respect to sexual activity, contraceptive use, and pregnancy. METHOD The self-report survey data were collected from 62 females and 334 males who were incarcerated in Nevada youth correctional facilities in the summer of 1994. Of the males, 46.8% (n =(More)
Acoustic Emission (AE) was used to study the fracture of oxide grown on mild steel. Samples were oxidised and mechanically deformed in air at 550 OC using strain rates of -and lo-' s-' in a bend test furnace having a ceramic 4-point bend jig. The results were compared with earlier observations made on oxides deformed at room temperature. In both cases(More)
vacancies in a diamond anvil cell using designer diamond anvils L. Steele, a) M. Lawson, a) M. Onyszczak, B. T. Bush, Z. Mei, A. P. Dioguardi, J. King, A. Parker, A. Pines, S. T. Weir, W. Evans, K. Visbeck, Y. K. Vohra, and N.J. Curro Department of Physics, University of California, Davis, California 95616 USA. Department of Physics and Astronomy, Iowa(More)