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Human consumers of wildlife killed with lead ammunition may be exposed to health risks associated with lead ingestion. This hypothesis is based on published studies showing elevated blood lead concentrations in subsistence hunter populations, retention of ammunition residues in the tissues of hunter-killed animals, and systemic, cognitive, and behavioral(More)
PADL (Part and Assembly Description Language) is a language for defining solid objects via constructive solid geometry, i.e. as (regularized) set-theoretical compositions of primitive solid “building blocks”. The current processor for Version 1.0 of the language accepts PADL statements either in batch or in keyboard-interactive mode and produces(More)
Anecdotal suggestion and manufacturer provided data provides evidence that variable refrigerant flow systems with heat recovery (VRF-HR) provide a significant opportunity for building energy savings under certain conditions. Actual operational data showing the performance of heat recovery systems under varying conditions is scarce. This paper details the(More)
Evidence for modified mechanisms of chloroethene oxidation in Pseudomonas butanovora mutants containing single amino acid substitutions in the hydroxylase -subunit of butane monooxygenase. transcriptional response of Nitrosomonas europaea to chloroform and chloromethane. Appl. Environ. Butane monooxygenase of Pseudomonas butanovora: purification and(More)
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