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PADL (Part and Assembly Description Language) is a language for defining solid objects via constructive solid geometry, i.e. as (regularized) set-theoretical compositions of primitive solid “building blocks”. The current processor for Version 1.0 of the language accepts PADL statements either in batch or in keyboard-interactive mode and produces(More)
The superficial flexor muscle of the crayfish is a neuromuscular system in which the neurons form position-dependent connectivity patterns with the muscle fibers. This system could be formed with the help of a single medial-to-lateral gradient during development that embodies positional information. To test this gradient hypothesis we changed the nerve's(More)
  • Walt Hunt, Harshal Upadhye, Ron Domitrovic, Paul Delany, Bach Tsan, Southern California +2 others
  • 2012
Anecdotal suggestion and manufacturer provided data provides evidence that variable refrigerant flow systems with heat recovery (VRF-HR) provide a significant opportunity for building energy savings under certain conditions. Actual operational data showing the performance of heat recovery systems under varying conditions is scarce. This paper details the(More)
8+ 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Figure 1: A scene consisting of 15 rows of soldiers rendered at 1080p without motion blur (top) and with 1300 pixels of motion blur (bottom). The visualiations depict the number of shaded micropolygon vertices per pixel (shown at the beginning of the frame) when performing occlusion culling with the tz-pyramid (middle) and a traditional(More)
Evidence for modified mechanisms of chloroethene oxidation in Pseudomonas butanovora mutants containing single amino acid substitutions in the hydroxylase -subunit of butane monooxygenase. transcriptional response of Nitrosomonas europaea to chloroform and chloromethane. Appl. Environ. Butane monooxygenase of Pseudomonas butanovora: purification and(More)
The superficial flexor muscles of the crayfish are innervated in a position-dependent connectivity pattern, which can be reestablished when the nerve to the muscle is cut. This article deals with the regeneration of the largest excitor motoneuron under three different target scenarios: (1) a normal target with all the muscle fibers present, (2) a reduced(More)
The regeneration of neuromuscular connections to the superficial flexor muscle system in the crayfish has been studied under a variety of experimental manipulations. These have provided insight into the factors that can influence the regeneration program of neurons. In this work the regeneration of the largest excitor motoneuron was studied under two(More)
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