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The 8x8 crossbar switches with sandwiching AgTCNQ (TCNQ = 7,7,8,8-tetracyano-p-quinodimethane) organic molecular materials were successfully fabricated, and electrical characteristics of the cross points were studied in this paper. In the OFF state, the resistance of switches was 5.60x10<sup>3</sup>ohms that stands for "0"; while in the ON state, the(More)
This paper demonstrated diodes that incorporate an internal diffraction grating that provides frequency selective feedback to narrow the output spectrum and ensure that the emitter operates at the desired pump wavelength. Paper also presents the light current characteristics of a 1908 nm 18 emitter (9mm) bar mounted on a conductively-cooled mount. The power(More)
High power semiconductor lasers with wavelengths in the eye-safer region have application to a variety of defense, medical and industrial applications. We report on the reliability of high power multimode and single mode InGaAsP/InP diode lasers with wavelengths in the range 1320 to 1550 nm in a variety of configurations, including single-chip,(More)
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