W. Homer Chen

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The conventional run-level variable length coding (RL-VLC), commonly adopted in block-based image and video compression to code quantized transform coefficients, is not efficient in coding consecutive nonzero coefficients. To overcome the deficiency, hybrid variable length coding (HVLC) is proposed in this paper. HVLC takes advantage of the clustered nature(More)
A compact and low power consumption instrument for measuring the electron density and temperature in the ionosphere has been developed by modifying the previously developed Electron Temperature Probe (ETP). A circuit block which controls frequency of the sinusoidal signal is added to the ETP so that the instrument can measure both T(e) in low frequency mode(More)
This paper proposes a new strategy at the system level to evaluate and mitigate power system cascading outages adaptability considering protection system hidden failure. An explicit probability model of protection system hidden failures is established to demonstrate its effects on power system adaptability. The event tree is used to analyse the cascading(More)
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