W Hillesheimer

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The occurrence of H-reflexes over both the anterior tibial muscle and the thenar muscle on both sides was investigated in 15 patients suffering from Huntington's disease, 8 clinically inconspicuous offspring, and 30 healthy normal controls. The following results were obtained: 1. An obvious H-reflex over the anterior tibial muscle was found in 12 of 15(More)
Within 20 months 145 ascending thoracocervical myelographies and 155 lumbar myelographies with the nonionic water-soluble contrast medium iopamidol were performed. The iodine concentration given was 250 mg I/ml or 200 mg I/ml respectively. The total iodine never exceeded 2.5 g (8-10 ml). Image quality was assessed in terms of diagnostic value having(More)
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