W Hillesheimer

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PATIENTS WITH TREMOR OF PARKINSONISM SHOW THREE CHARACTERISTICS OF MOTOR UNIT ACTIVITY: rhythmic spontaneous resting discharge, abnormally low firing rates during voluntary contraction, and consistent differences in firing pattern between small and large motor units. Smaller units discharge once per tremor beat at weak contractions but change into bursts of(More)
Within 20 months 145 ascending thoracocervical myelographies and 155 lumbar myelographies with the nonionic water-soluble contrast medium iopamidol were performed. The iodine concentration given was 250 mg I/ml or 200 mg I/ml respectively. The total iodine never exceeded 2.5 g (8-10 ml). Image quality was assessed in terms of diagnostic value having(More)
Computed tomography, with the possibility of density determination, makes possible the detection of foreign bodies that are not visible when using conventional techniques. The possibilities of localization are improved by the fact that tomograms are free of shadows and that distances can be measured exactly. These advantages provide important information in(More)
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