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Plasma concentrations of orphenadrine were measured by a specific gaschromatographic method in 5 healthy male volunteers after a single oral dose of orphenadrine hydrochloride 100mg. The single dose pharmacokinetic profile of orphenadrine was evaluated from these data. The elimination half-life ranged from 13.2–20.1 h after the commercial tablet(More)
The newly developed amoxicillin (Flemoxin) formulations, a film-coated tablet (A) and an effervescent tablet (B) were tested for bioavailability against a commercial reference formulation (C). The content of amoxicillin in each formulation was 1000 mg. The cross-over study involved 12 healthy volunteers. Blood samples were taken at 10 time intervals after(More)
Substituted 1-[2-(diphenylmethoxy)ethyl]piperazines were tested for their affinity to specific [3H]dopamine binding sites in membrane preparations from the corpus striatum of the rat. In particular, 4-(3-phenyl-2-prop(en)yl)- and 4-(3-phenyl-2-butyl)-substitution yielded compounds potent in displacing [3H]dopamine from its binding sites, with IC50-values in(More)
The metabolism of 3α-[(10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo-[a,d]cyclohepten-5-yl)oxy]-8-methyltropanium iodide (deptropine methiodide; N-methyldeptropine), a potential agent for the treatment of peptic ulcers and gastrointestinal spasms, was studied by passing the N-14CH3-labelled compound through the isolated perfused rat liver. The substance was rapidly taken up by(More)