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High frequency tumor therapy requests heating of a well defined area, whereas the surroundings should be unaffected. This sort of therapy should be more tolerable than a whole body heating. For this purpose a new developed microwave applicator (433.9 MHz) for local heat application was tested in animals. Using this rectally insertable applicator the(More)
The contractile function of the non-infarcted myocardium was examined in adult cats following myocardial infarction produced by ligation of several branches of the LAD and circumflex coronary artery. Two and seven days following infarction, after determination of intracardiac pressures, papillary muscles were excised from the non-infarcted portion of the(More)
It was demonstrated in experimental studies that there is a correlation between intestinal EMG and bowel sounds. Therefore the measured bowel sounds indicate the state of intestinal motility. In an experimental study the analysis of bowel sounds showed that postoperative intestinal atony is shortened by drug treatment (Dihydergot, Prostigmin). Clinical data(More)