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Prognostic factor scoring systems provide one method of predicting severity of acute pancreatitis. This paper reports the prospective assessment of a system using nine factors available within 48 hours of admission. This assessment does not include patient data used to compile the system. Of 405 episodes of acute pancreatitis occurring in a seven year(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the use and effect of a computer based information system for cancer patients that is personalised using each patient's medical record with a system providing only general information and with information provided in booklets. DESIGN Randomised trial with three groups. Data collected at start of radiotherapy, one week later (when(More)
To identify individual risk factors and to establish an index of risk in biliary tract surgery, data on 16 potential predictive factors were compiled from a series of 186 biliary tract operations excluding simple cholecystectomy. Eight factors had a significant association with postoperative mortality. Linear discriminant analysis showed that serum(More)
In order to identify factors predicting survival following acute variceal haemorrhage, data were collected prospectively from 100 admissions in 70 patients managed by a standard policy employing oesophageal tamponade, injection sclerotherapy and, if necessary, oesophageal transection. Of the ten predictive factors identified by univariate analysis, only(More)
OBJECTIVES A cross sectional survey of dentists in the west of Scotland and unmatched controls was conducted to find the effect of chronic exposure to mercury on health and cognitive functioning. METHODS 180 dentists were asked to complete a questionnaire that included items on handling of amalgam, symptoms experienced, possible influences on psychomotor(More)
The pulsed Nd: YAG laser is advocated as an alternative means of providing analgesia during routine dental procedures. Since the evidence to support this claim is mainly anecdotal, a clinical trial was carried out using an electric pulp tester (EPT) to measure the extent and duration of any analgesic effect induced by pulsed Nd: YAG laser treatment. A(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether motivational interviewing--a behavioural therapy for addictions-provided at home by specially trained midwives helps pregnant smokers to quit. DESIGN Randomised controlled non-blinded trial analysed by intention to treat. SETTING Clinics attached to two maternity hospitals in Glasgow. PARTICIPANTS 762/1684 pregnant women(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the hypothesis that different methods of selecting and printing information for cancer patients could improve emotional support by affecting interaction with others, and so lead to improved psychological wellbeing. DESIGN Randomised trial with eight groups (three factors, 2x2x2). Data collected at recruitment and three month(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the process, causes and outcomes of ill health retirement (IHR) in teachers in Scotland. Perceptions and experience of occupational health services (OHS), access to rehabilitation and redeployment, current health, post retirement experience and predictors of re-employment were identified. METHODS 537 teachers who retired due to ill(More)