W. Harper Gilmour

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine perceptions of the place of advance directives in mental health care. METHODS Postal survey of stakeholders was carried out to assess their views on different models of advance directives in mental health care. A total of 473 responded. RESULTS In all, 28% of psychiatrists thought advance directives were(More)
BACKGROUND Education groups for people with schizophrenia have tended to concentrate on compliance with medication. This study examines impact on social behaviour and quality of life. METHOD A catchment-wide service was set up for community-based patients. Patients who indicated an interest in education groups were randomly allocated to either an(More)
The effect of measuring bite force with different patterns of transducer on different occasions was studied. Maximum voluntary bite force was measured in eight volunteers. Three transducer positions, each with a different pattern of transducer, were used; between the anterior teeth, between the second premolar and the first molar on one side and between the(More)
BACKGROUND Midwife-managed programmes of care are being widely implemented although there has been little investigation of their efficacy. We have compared midwife-managed care with shared care (ie, care divided among midwives, hospital doctors, and general practitioners) in terms of clinical efficacy and women's satisfaction. METHODS We carried out a(More)
Assessment (staging) of workers exposed to vibration, based solely on a subjective history, has been shown to be unsatisfactory. The internationally agreed use of a sensorineural component in the Stockholm classification requires the use of sensory objective tests. Four hundred and twenty two subjects were assessed by a subjective history supplemented by(More)
AIM To examine cancer patients' use, and satisfaction with touchscreen information systems. By examining the experience of subgroups, to address issues of equality of access. PATIENTS 345 patients starting radiotherapy at the Beatson Oncology Centre (BOC), Glasgow. METHODS Patients were invited to use a touchscreen computer at the start of treatment.(More)
The clinical trial was carried out on 34 'hypersensitive' teeth in 10 subjects. Dentine sensitivity was measured as the pain perception thresholds to controlled air and probe stimuli. In each subject, pairs of teeth of comparable initial sensitivity were randomly assigned to a test (T) or control (C) treatment. All teeth were cleaned and a conditioning(More)
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