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The authors consider the optimal flow control problem in multirate multicast networks where all receivers of the same multicast group can receive service at different rates with different QoS. The objective is to achieve the fairness transmission rates that maximise the total receiver utility under the capacity constraint of links. They first propose(More)
Density functional theory with SQS-32 (Special Quasi-random Structures with 32-atom super-cell) configuration is applied to study the energy-gap properties of strained GeSn alloys. The calculation results show that the direct-indirect crossover occurs at the mole fraction of ~ 6%. The energies of direct and indirect gaps at x ~ 0.075 are well agreement to(More)
We use highly spectroscopically complete observations of the radio sources from the VLA 1.4 GHz survey of the Hubble Deep Field-North region to study the faint radio galaxy population and its evolution. The fraction of radio sources that can be optically spectroscopically identified is fairly independent of radio flux, with about 60−80% identified at all(More)
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