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Methods of digital image analysis have been adapted to measure the fractal dimension of cellular profiles. The fractal dimension is suggested as a useful measure of the complexity of a contour. Three methods produce similar results when applied to constructed, near-ideal fractal figures. Comparison of the measurements for a variety of image types indicates(More)
Details of the morphology of light microscope images of horseradish peroxidase labeled mammalian neurons in cell culture were investigated. A modified Marr-Hildreth edge-detecting algorithm was used in an image processor to obtain a continuous border of the labeled neurons. The interior of the border was filled to obtain isolated binary silhouettes of the(More)
The presynaptic release mechanism involved in excitatory synaptic connections between neurons in cell cultures of fetal mouse spinal cord were studied by statistical analysis of intracellularly recorded postsynaptic responses. Quantal parameters were determined for the EPSPs evoked in spinal cord (SC) neurons by stimulation of either other SC or dorsal root(More)
Fractal dimension can be used as a quantitative measure of morphological complexity. Separate, enriched populations of oligodendrocytes or type 2 astrocytes derived from neonatal rat optic nerves were allowed to differentiate in vitro. Fractal dimensions of differentiating glial cells were measured over time. The fractal dimension correlated with perceived(More)
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