W H Phoon

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Tinnitus is said to be a common complaint of workers who are exposed to noise. We studied the prevalence and characteristics of tinnitus in 647 noise-exposed workers who had been notified as cases of noise-induced deafness. One hundred and fifty-one had tinnitus, giving a prevalence of 23.3 per cent. The tinnitus was bilateral in 42.4 per cent of cases, and(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the risk factors predicting radiological progression in silicosis in a prospective cohort study of patients with silicosis who were previously exposed to silica from granite dust. METHODS From among a total of 260 patients with silicosis contracted from granite work, 141 with available serial chest x ray films of acceptable(More)
It has previously been shown that granite workers with heavy exposure to silica had glomerular and proximal tubular dysfunction evidenced by increased urinary excretions of albumin, alpha-1-microglobulin (AMG), and beta-N-acetyl-glucosaminidase (NAG). The investigation was replicated in another group of granite workers to further elucidate the exposure(More)
This study was carried out in a video tape manufacturing factory in Singapore where workers were exposed to mixed solvents consisting of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), cyclohexanone (CHE), tetrahydrofuran (THF), and toluene (TOL). The objectives were to quantify workers' exposure to the various solvents and to evaluate if there were any neurobehavioural changes(More)
Five hundred and ninety-three women electronics workers were studied to determine if there was any association between their subjective sleep quality and their sleep patterns. They were 108 day workers, 107 permanent night workers, 216 workers on weekly phase-advance (night/afternoon/morning), and 162 workers on two-weekly phase-delay(More)
Occupational exposure to tetrahydrofuran (THF) was studied by analysis of environmental air, blood, alveolar air, and urine from 58 workers in a video tape manufacturing plant. Head space gas chromatography (GC) with an FID detector was used for determination of THF concentration in alveolar air, urine, and blood. Environmental exposure to THF was measured(More)
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