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The Liu-Tang combmatmn enumeratmn algonthm produces a cychc sequence of combinations. Each combination is obtained from Its predecessor by a single exchange of two marks. History of the sequence does not need to be known to generate the next comblnatmn. A pointer programmed versmn of the Lm-Tang algorithm greatly improves speed of execution compared to the(More)
Criteria for selection of a "best" algorithm change with technology. Algorithms to generate samples from the normal probability distribution were analyzed in a technology-independent empirical Knuth type A algorithm analysis. No conclusion of the best algorithm was reached, but scrutiny of results would lead to selection of the best algorithm for a specific(More)
Nonsingular binary matrices of order <italic>N</italic>, i.e., nonsingular over the field {0, 1}, and an initial segment of the natural numbers are placed in one-to-one correspondence. Each natural number corresponds to two intermediate vectors. These vectors are mapped into a nonsingular binary matrix. Examples of complete enumeration of all 2 &#215; 2 and(More)
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