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The present study explored regulation of electrogenic ion transport across cultured mouse endometrial epithelium by extracellular ATP using the short-circuit current (ISC) and the patch-clamp techniques. The cultured endometrial monolayers responded to apical application of ATP with an increase in ISC in a concentration-dependent manner (EC50 at 3 microM).(More)
The present study explored regulation of anion secretion across cystic fibrosis pancreatic ductal epithelium by extracellular ATP with the short-circuit current (Isc) technique. CFPAC-1 cells grown on Millipore filters formed polarized monolayers with junctional complexes as revealed by light and electron microscopy. The cultured monolayers exhibited an(More)
1. Cultured epithelia of Sertoli cells from prepubertal rats were grown on Matrigel-coated millipore filters for short-circuit current (Isc) measurements. Under basal conditions, these epithelia exhibited a 'zero' transepithelial potential difference, a 'zero' short-circuit current and a transepithelial resistance of 60 Omega cm2. 2. Forskolin (100 microM)(More)
Extracellular nucleotides modulate renal ion transport. Our previous results in M-1 cortical collecting duct cells indicate that luminal and basolateral ATP via P2Y2 receptors stimulate luminal Ca2+-activated Cl- channels and inhibit Na+ transport. Here we address the mechanism of ATP-mediated inhibition of Na+ transport. M-1 cells had a transepithelial(More)
The luminal fluid microenvironment of the uterus is important for sperm capacitation and embryo development. In an attempt to understand the possible role of Na(+)/H(+) exchangers (NHEs) in uterine function, the mRNAs of different NHE isoforms as well as their subcellular localization (apical versus basolateral) and functional activity were investigated in(More)
A mathematical model of ventricular volume regulation based on fluid mechanical principles has been constructed using a systems engineering approach. The parameters used in the model are based on clinical observation, laboratory investigation, and presumptions that will be tested later. The model was constructed to be the basis of a computer simulation.(More)
The present study was intended to examine the relaxant effects of berberine in rat isolated mesenteric arteries. Berberine produced a rightward shift of the concentration-response curve to phenylephrine and significantly reduced the maximal contractile response to phenylephrine. Berberine (10(-7)-3x10(-5) M) also relaxed the phenylephrine- and(More)
Berberine, is an alkaloid from Hydrastis canadensis L., Chinese herb Huanglian, and many other plants. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine as an antimicrobial in the treatment of dysentery and infectious diarrhea. This manuscript describes cardiovascular effects of berberine and its derivatives, tetrahydroberberine and 8-oxoberberine.(More)
The patch-clamp recording technique was used to examine the properties of the K+ channels in cultured equine sweat gland epithelial cells. With symmetric K+ solutions (140 mM), a single population of K+ channels was identified with a slope conductance of 187 pS and a reversal potential of around 0 mV. The channel was selective for K+ over Na+. Channel(More)