W. H. Hsu

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We tested the hypothesis that somatostatin (SRIF) inhibits insulin secretion from an SV40 transformed hamster beta cell line (HIT cells) by an effect on the voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels and examined whether G-proteins were involved in the process. Ca2+ currents were recorded by the whole cell patch-clamp method, the free cytosolic calcium, [Ca2+]i, was(More)
We present a method to document ciliary beat frequency with the linescan function of a scanning confocal microscope, using ciliated tracheal cells and free-swimming rotifers as examples. Depending on the clarity of the original data, the ciliary beat frequency can be determined from the confocal linescan directly or from an intensity linescan analysis of(More)
To deal with large amounts of multimedia content, the MPEG-7 standard was proposed in order to provide a general standard by which to describe various types of multimedia content. However, we required not only a standard to describe multimedia content but also a retrieval framework to search for the requested semantic content. The proposed framework employs(More)
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