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Digital transmitters (DTX) have gained interest in the past few years because of their potential to provide compact die area, better efficiency due to the switching nature of the power amplifier core, and scaling with CMOS technology [1-3]. Quadrature DTX architecture [1] is favored over polar [3] or outphasing [4] for wideband applications, such as WiFi,(More)
In this paper, we present our new results in news video story segmentation and classification in the context of TRECVID video retrieval benchmarking event 2003. We applied and extended the Maximum Entropy statistical model to effectively fuse diverse features from multiple levels and modalities, including visual, audio, and text. We have included various(More)
There are various new applications of genetic algorithms to information retrieval, mostly with respect to relevance feedback. However, they are yet to be evaluated in a way that allows them to be compared with each other and with other relevance feedback techniques. There is always need to efficiently store and retrieve image data to perform assigned tasks(More)
To deal with large amounts of multimedia content, the MPEG-7 standard was proposed in order to provide a general standard by which to describe various types of multimedia content. However, we required not only a standard to describe multimedia content but also a retrieval framework to search for the requested semantic content. The proposed framework employs(More)
An image retrieval system is a computer system for browsing, searching and retrieving images from a large database of digital images. Given a textual query in traditional text based image retrieval (TBIR),relevant images are to be re ranked using visual features after the initial text based image search. In this paper, we propose a new bag based re ranking(More)
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