W H Coil

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  • W H Coil
  • 1979
The embryogenesis of the tapeworm Cittotaenia variabilis from the oocyte to the oncosphere is followed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in conjunction with ethanol cryofracture. Transmission electron micrographs and histochemistry are used to corroborate the inferences drawn from the SEM studies. Evidence is given for oocyte granules, the uterine(More)
Amphilina bipunctata Riser, 1948 were collected from the white sturgeon Acipenser transmontanus from the Columbia River, USA. The morphology and histochemistry of the oogenotop of Amphilina as they pertain to egg formation are described. The vitelline gland granules secrete the main part of the egg shell. These shell granules are positive for basic(More)
  • W H Coil
  • 1977
Snails of the species Fossaria bulimoides were exposed to miracidia of Fascioloides magna for given periods of time. The course of penetration was followed by means of scanning electron microscopy. Topographical features of the miracidial morphology were studied; the apical organ, epidermal plates and their shedding, and body shapes during penetration.(More)