W H Behrends

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Several forms of microbodies have been characterized on the basis of their biochemical functions. We have investigated cucumber cotyledons which house two different microbody forms during their development. In these cells, a shift from organelles with the enzymes of beta-oxidation and glyoxylate cycle to peroxisomes with the enzymes of the photosynthetic(More)
The enzymatic apparatus of fatty acid beta-oxidation in peroxisomes and glyoxysomes includes a multifunctional protein. Two forms of this protein were detected in extracts from cotyledons of germinating cucumber seeds and separated on hydroxylapatite. The two proteins purified to apparent homogeneity possessed enoyl-CoA hydratase, 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA(More)
Glycollate oxidase (glycollate: oxygen oxidoreductase, EC was purified to apparent homogeneity from crude extracts of greening cucumber cotyledons (Cucumis sat vus). Molecular sieving and chromatofocusing resulted in 700-fold purification and specific activity of 1 μkat mg-1 protein. The enzyme exhibited a Mr of 180,000, or 700,000, respectively,(More)
Earlier work on microbody biosynthesis has shown that glyoxysomal and liver peroxisomal proteins synthesized in the cytosol are made as precursors which are then transferred into the organelles and processed. Here, it is demonstrated that the unprecessed precursor detected in the cytosol after protein synthesis in vivo for an enzyme at the transition stage(More)
Fat-degrading cotyledons from cucumber seedlings were investigated with respect to the enzymes metabolizing cis-unsaturated fatty acids. Isolated glyoxysomes degrade linoleic acid, the dominating fatty acid in the storage tissue of the seed. Glyoxysomes were shown to be the sole intracellular site of enzymes responsible for the degradation of unsaturated(More)
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