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This paper proposes the definition, model and algorithm of two quantitative indices named the Total Supply Capability (TSC) and Ideal Total Supply Capability (ITSC) for distribution planning. The TSC of a distribution system is comparable to Total Transfer Capability (TTC) in transmission systems, which is defined as the maximum load it can serve under the(More)
With the emergence of various broadband services, a lot of bandwidth fragments will be generated during the operation of services being mapped into optical channels, which will waste too many bandwidth resources and decrease the transmission performance of optical networks. Traffic grooming strategy in dynamic optical networks can optimise the utilisation(More)
This paper proposes the definition, model and calculating method of Total Supply Capability (TSC) and the application of TSC in distribution system. First, this paper defines a set of new quantitative indices named total supply capability (TSC) and its associated indices, such as available supply capability (ASC), substation supply capability (SSC), network(More)
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