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An increased heart rate has been reported in schizophrenia. It is unclear whether this is due to disease-related autonomic nervous system changes or a side effect of antipsychotic medication. Altered cardiac autonomic function might to some extent account for the elevated cardiovascular mortality rate of schizophrenic patients. We assessed heart rate(More)
Increased incidence of clinical pain complaints from patients with major depression, as well as increased experimental pain thresholds have been reported. The basis of this phenomenon remains unclear, as well as its relation to medication, clinical recovery, gender and lateralization of hemispheric function. We aimed to further elucidate heat pain(More)
A number of clinical observations indicate that pain processing might be disturbed in psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. Only a few studies have investigated pain perception in schizophrenia. The main objective of this study was the investigation of thresholds of warmth perception (WP), thermal pain onset (TPO) and thermal pain tolerance (TPT) in(More)
Patients with major depressive disorder have repeatedly been described to exhibit increased thresholds upon experimentally applied pain stimuli to the skin as compared to respective controls. Since the sensory-discriminative component of stimulus perception, e.g. for warmth, cold and vibration, appears to be unaltered in depression, higher central nervous(More)
OBJECTIVE Depression is a common comorbidity of chronic pain and chronic pain represents a common additional symptom of depressed patients. The physiological basis is unknown. METHODS We investigated the possible interrelation between autonomic dysfunction and altered pain perception in unmedicated patients (U1), after introduction of antidepressive(More)
The study describes an application of the Inter-Session-Questionnaire (ISF) related to inpatient group psychotherapy. The instrument should be tested with the extension of differentiating intersession experiences related to the person of the therapist as well as the group. In a cross sectional study performed in 13 different hospitals, 702 patients were(More)
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