W Gordon Peacock

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The responses of human neocortical neurons to iontophoretic application of excitatory amino acids and their modulation by dopamine (DA) were studied in vitro. Brain slices were obtained from children undergoing surgery for intractable epilepsy. Application of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) to the slices induced slow depolarizations accompanied by decreased(More)
Although microglia are the only cells found to be productively infected in the central nervous system of acquired immunodeficiency disease syndrome (AIDS) patients, there is extensive white and gray matter disease nonetheless. This neuropathogenesis is believed to be due to indirect mechanisms other than infection with human immunodeficiency virus 1(More)
Ventricular shunts that require multiple revisions are familiar to pediatric neurosurgeons. We conducted a retrospective study to determine whether patients who require repeated shunt revisions represent a particular cohort within shunted hydrocephalic children. The clinical records of 244 children who had undergone shunt procedures between January 1990 and(More)
Interneuronal communication mediated by gap junctions has been proposed to have an important role in brain development and in the genesis of epilepsy. Indirect evidence for the existence and function of gap junctions has been obtained by studying dye-coupling, the transfer of the low-molecular-weight fluorescent dye Lucifer yellow (LY), among neurons. In(More)
Tissue samples from the caudate nucleus were obtained from eight children (eight to 172 months of age) who underwent hemispherectomies for the relief of intractable seizures. Neurophysiological, pharmacological and morphological properties of caudate neurons were characterized by intracellular recordings in an in vitro slice preparation. These properties(More)
BACKGROUND A four-partner, non-fundholding, urban practice with 6000 patients has since September 1991 worked closely with nine complementary practitioners working part time on a private, fee-paying basis. AIM This study set out to describe and evaluate a model of integrating complementary practitioners into the primary health care team. METHOD A(More)
A series of 164 infants, weighing 750 to 1,500 grams, managed at Children's Hospital from January 1, 1972, to December 31, 1975, was studied. Of the 164 infants, 62% (102) survived. Obstetric factors associated with decreased survival were lower gestational age, fetal distress in labor, and breech presentation. Neonatal factors associated with decreased(More)
The effects of iontophoretically applied N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) were assessed in human neocortical and caudate neurons. NMDA depolarized cell membranes, decreased input conductances and induced firing. The discharge patterns differed in the two areas studied. In neocortex, NMDA produced repetitive spikes or bursts. In caudate, it induced slow, rhythmic(More)
A group of 20 children with spastic cerebral palsy underwent selective dorsal rhizotomy for alleviation of spasticity. Pre- and postoperatively, cortical somatosensory evoked responses (cSSEP), H reflex and F wave studies were done. Clinically there was dramatic reduction of tone without noticeable sensory loss. The electrophysiologic studies showed several(More)
Median nerve somatosensory evoked potentials were recorded from exposed cerebral cortex during craniotomies. This technique is valuable when knowledge of the motor cortex location can influence surgical decisions about resection limits or biopsy sites. Two different recording techniques were compared: strips of electrodes and arrays of electrodes. The(More)