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Giles C. Thelen, Jorge M. Vivanco, Beth Newingham, William Good, Harsh P. Bais, Peter Landres, Anthony Caesar and Ragan M. Callaway* Abstract Exotic invasive plants are often subjected to attack from imported insects as a method of biological control. A fundamental, but rarely explicitly tested, assumption of biological control is that damaged plants are(More)
The NMR relaxation rates of a class of hydrated polymers (hydrogels) have been investigated over a wide range of frequencies (0.01 to 60 MHz) and compositions. The gels comprise long chains of polytetramethylene oxide diol crosslinked by copolymers of dimethylacrylamide and methylmethacrylate. The longitudinal relaxation rate dispersion curves of these(More)
Body fluids are relatively dilute aqueous solutions, so despite their complex and variable chemical constitution, the properties of water contribute materially to their physical behavior. Since there is probably no water-potential gradient anywhere in the body, those fluids are in dynamic osmotic equilibrium with each other and, because water resembles a(More)
Thin sections of snow and ice samples have been analysed using an automatic scanning microscope in combination with a software package to perform subsequent data analysis. From the light intensities, software determines the homogeneous areas of the cut crystals and parametrizes these areas (pattern recognition). The technique of factorial analysis is used(More)