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G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) mediate senses such as odor, taste, vision, and pain in mammals. In addition, important cell recognition and communication processes often involve GPCRs. Many diseases involve malfunction of GPCRs, making them important targets for drug development. Indeed, greater than 50 % of all marketed therapeutics act on those(More)
OBJECTIVES There is very often a lengthy delay between first noticing symptoms of dementia and making first contact with Health Care Professionals (HCPs). This article identifies influences on the decision to contact HCPs for the first time. METHOD Qualitative thematic analysis of 20 case studies of carer experience. Participants were carers of people who(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks are collections of mobile nodes without any fixed infrastructure or central co-ordinating mechanism for packet routing. Consequently, routing is a challenge. In this paper we propose a multipath routing protocol called Limited Flooding. The protocol is fully reactive and does not entail the computation of routing tables. It uses the(More)
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